Do's and Don'ts for selling your house

Do's and Don'ts for selling your house
Making the best impression on potential buyers is top of the priority list when selling your home. Here are some handy tricks of the trade to show off your property’s potential:


Cleaning up unnecessary clutter around your house can demonstrate the amount of usable space it has to offer. A great starting point is removing pans and small appliances from your kitchen counters, highlighting how much counter space a new buyer would have.  Removing some of your more personal items, such as family photographs or your magazine collection, can allow a potential buyer to envisage themselves living there, and where they would put their own belongings. 

Don’t overcrowd your cupboards

De-cluttering your living space can lead to the temptation of hiding all you worldly belongings away in your cupboard space. However, a prime concern for buyers is sufficient storage space, and if your cupboards are bursting at the seams it will give the impression that your home is lacking in this area. A good rule of thumb is to cut down on what’s in your closet by half, whether that be from throwing out things you no longer use, donating unwanted items to charity, or simply renting some external storage to transport rarely used items to until you move.

Re-arrange the furniture

A good furniture layout can create a natural flow around your home, allowing people to walk around it easily. Furniture should be arranged around a focal point in each room, such as a television or bay window with a pretty view. This gives a potential buyer a clear function for the room, and gives it structure. It’s important to remember that larger items of furniture, such as your settees, do not necessarily have to be pushed back against the wall. Leaving a gap gives the illusion of more space, and grouping armchairs and settees together can create a cosy sociable area.

Brighten up your rooms

Maximising the light in your home will help it to feel bright and cheery to a viewer. A good place to start is removing any obstructions from windows, such as cutting down overgrown bushes outside, moving furniture, and changing heavy drapes for lighter curtains or blinds. Secondly, creating multiple light sources in a room, by combining overhead lighting with floor and table lamps, will ensure that no corner of a room appears dark or uninviting. Mirrors can be a fantastic tool to increase brightness in a room, by reflecting the natural light and colour.

Revamp your kitchen

When it comes to selling your house, the state of your kitchen can have the biggest impact of any room on potential buyers. However, having a completely new kitchen fitted is not usually necessary or advisable, and a few cosmetic touches can give it a modern, usable feel. Swapping your cabinets and work surfaces will instantly change the look of your kitchen, whilst even giving cupboard doors a quick lick of paint can revitalise tired fixtures. Ensure that any tiles are sparklingly clean, and that you replace cracked or dirty grouting. 

Give the walls a lick of paint

Whilst the bright red accent wall in your front room may suit your personality perfectly, it may not appeal to your potential buyer. In fact, overbearing colours can leave viewers unable to visualise themselves in a room, and distract them from all the positives. Simply repainting walls with a neutral colour scheme will give a viewer a blank canvas, and freshen up tired-looking rooms. 

Don’t forget about kerb appeal

Buyers will have judged your home before they have even stepped through the door. Ensure that exterior walls are freshly painted, with any cracks or damp repaired. Your front garden or driveway should be tidy, and you can achieve an inviting feel by planting some brightly coloured flowers and shrubs. If you feel like your car doesn’t fit with the lifestyle you are trying to sell to your buyers, consider parking it elsewhere for viewings. Additionally, make sure that bins are out of sight, and that the pavement outside your house is free from litter.

Put on your gardening gloves

A garden is often on the list of must-haves for people looking to buy a home, and failing to show off yours to its full potential could easily lose you a sale. Cleaning patios and walkways of moss, painting fences, cutting the grass, and weeding the flowerbeds can instantly improve the look of your outside space. Ensure that any clutter, such as old garden furniture or toys, are stored away. Whilst you may be neutralising the decor inside your house, outside you have artistic license to include lots of brightly coloured flowers to attract a viewer’s eye. Even if your house has a small yard with no flowerbeds, you can still incorporate in some colour, by planting blooming flowers in some brightly coloured pots. 


We hope these few tips will give you the maximum chance of getting your house sold as quick as you would like. 

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